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Used Rental Skates - Rink Skates are made of top quality leather like synthetic materials.  These skates are used in roller rinks, gymnasiums, basketball courts and tennis courts.

Used Rental Skates

Inventory changes regularly.

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  • The price for pairs of skates in quantities of 5 or less will be slightly higher than the "bulk" price listed.
  • We have a type of skate that is used by "Skatetime" for school programs and these have indoor/outdoor wheels which are perfect for skating outside. "Skatetime" skates are top quality, they have all leather boots with comfortable padding and are very durable. They're excellent for outdoor skating. Our rental skates consist of high quality used rentals made by these manufacturers: Riedell, Dominion, Roller Derby (Pacer), and Golden Horse boots.
  • We have smooth tan leather, and tan suede boots. These boots are mounted on Sure-Grip, Chicago, Pacer (Roller Derby), Marathon (Dominion), or Golden Horse plates. All adult sizes have precision bearings and juvenile sizes may have CrestLine Wheels, or Precision Bearing skate wheels.
  • Some of our roller skates have new boots mounted on used plates and wheels. Many of our skates have discontinued boots mounted on close-out plates and wheels (the complete skate is new).  Many of our used skates are from recently closed rinks that are in excellent condition, and can easily be used to fill in the sizes in your inventory.
  • None of our skates have blown toes, rips or tears, no laces, or no toe stops. All of our skates are in excellent condition and can be put immediately in the skate rack to be used.  We have a good stock of extra wheels and toe stops, both new and used.
  • We are always looking for more skates to purchase, so contact us periodically because our stock is always changing.

512 A Roller Rink Skates

Golden Horse Skates-Rink Skates are made of top quality leather like synthetic materials. Similar materials are used on European soccer shoes. These skates are used in roller rinks, gymnasiums, basketball courts and tennis courts. They are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use on wood, concrete, asphalt, or synthetic floors. All of the skates come with Clean Roll indoor/outdoor Polyurethane Wheels and ABEC-5 precision shielded bearings. The synthetic sole is of a one piece construction and is glued and stitched to keep it firmly attached. The 512 has “Full Leather” Y material to protect the front of the skate. These unique designs are used only on Golden Horse Rental Skates. All plates are attached with screws & nuts (no rivets). Reverse action kingpin adjustment provides the simplest and easiest action adjustment. Golden Horse Skates are the most comfortable and durable rental roller skates available.

  • Available in sizes J7 - 16

Toe Stops
  • Long lasting, super tough rubber
  • Adjustable Sizes J7 - 2 and 11 - 16

  • Fixed on Sizes 3 - 10

  • Available in sizes J7 - 16

Toe Guards
  • Extra Wide Leather Toe Guards

  • Padded Micro-Fiber Lined Interior

  • Triple Stitched Backstay

  • Stitched, glued and nailed one-piece sole.

  • Padded inner sole.
  • PU Cast Polyurethane Wheels

  • Abec-5 Bearings

Heel Counter
  • Extra Firm, Reinforced Heel Counter